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Eight years ago, our family was able to make our dreams come true.  We were able to move our family of 6 out of suburbia onto our own small family farm.  We started with just land.  Now we have our dream house built, we’ve installed fencing, built a barn and lots of shelters, and continuously add animals to our farm.  Currently, we have chickens, ducks, bees, goats, dairy cows, cats, and a dog!  We have always had a passion for all that is organic and natural.  Even in suburbia we grew most of our vegetables in our backyard garden.  Including enough tomatoes and peppers to can for the year!  Now we have the opportunity to raise our own eggs, meat, and many other things.  Our latest venture is organic and natural skin care.  This was inspired by us having extra goat’s milk and a passion to continue to cut out all things toxic and replace them with healthy nourishing natural products!  Now we are passing that on to you.

Ben and Sabrina

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We started liking each other in High School and couldn’t even wait until college was over before tying the knot!  This year we will celebrate 20 years of marriage bliss!  We are best friends and support each other in everything.  The best part is that we are raising the world’s best kids together on a farm and loving it!


Ben has gone the Corporate route and works hard to make all of our crazy dreams come true.  All his free time, although not much, is spent tilling the garden, fixing fences, building some crazy Sabrina idea, and just helping out in any way he can.  The farm and the animals relax his mind and soul after a crazy day at the office.  His favorite part of the farm is watching his kids and feeding the animals since they love him for it!


Ben grew up on seven acres in rural Pennsylvania.  Both of his parents grew up on large farms, so they exposed him to lots of gardening, chickens, and escape artist calves!  Most of all his parents taught him how to work hard, be thankful to God for all His Blessings and love his family with all his heart. 


Sabrina tried the corporate route right out of college, but realized very quickly she was more at home with kids, animals, and working outside!  She is passionate about healthy, organic food for her family.  It started with a big enough garden to can and freeze produce for the family all year.  Then quickly moved to chickens for eggs and dairy from cows and goats.  Her newest endeavor is to replace as many products as possible in the home with all natural organic ingredients.  Goat’s milk soap and lotions is the first step and has been a great addition. 


Sabrina grew up on 50 acres in rural Virginia.  She spent many of her young childhood days riding her horse, Lady, on old mountain logging trails with her aussie, Blue, in tow.  This helped develop her love for animals and nature and all things naturally made.  Although she had no experience with cows or dairying her independent spirit gave her the confidence to try it!  Now several years later our family wouldn’t know what to do without fresh milk!

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