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A2/A2 Milk

We didn't plan to have our own dairy cow when we moved to our farm.  We had never even milked a cow or goat.  But our first mother's day on the farm, we took off to buy our first milk cow.  I had watched hours of milking how too's and naively felt confident I could do it!  I chose a Guernsey cow because I wanted a2/a2 milk and I couldn't find anyone testing at that time.  I got lucky when her results came back and she was indeed a2/a2!  Since that day years ago, I have continued to provide fresh, delicious milk for my family.  But, I have also moved towards providing milk to others via a herd share program. 


Another big change has happened two years ago, as I have slowly sold my herd of Guernsey cows and have replaced them with mini jerseys.  I switched to Mini Jerseys because they produce almost as much milk as my guernseys on a predominantly grass based system yet eat about 2/3 as much and need half as much acreage.  This has been a great change for our farm and customers. 


We have maintained a2/a2 milk for us and our customers by purchasing only a2/a2 cows.  We continue to feed them organic hay from Cohen Farm in Pittsboro, NC.   Except for the 20 minutes that they come in once a day to be milked these ladies are grazing on fresh grass.  You can see them wading in one of our three ponds or napping in the shade that is abundant in all pastures.  We rotate for optimum grass and parasite control. 


In addition to organically raised raw milk we sell future family milk cows for other small family farms.  Calves are raised with their mothers and only separated for once a day milking.  This allows all of our cows to have an excellent start to a long healthy life.  No milk replacer just organic fresh milk for our healthy babies

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