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 Reference Bucks


~Goat trails texas blue*b~

SS:  Cornerstone Farm Moonlight

Sire:  Laz E Acres finley

SD:  Echo Hill's SG Bunny 2*p

ds:  Echo Hill's eric

dam:  SonFlower Ranch's faith *p

dd:  Sonflower Ranch's Edie

Purebred Mini Nubian
Milk Star dam
Sire's Dam Milk Star
Fantastic Ears
Nubian Nose
Great conformation

Dams' Udder

Tex dam's udder.jpg
Ernest right side profile.jpeg

5th Generation Mini Nubian
Milk Star dam and Graddam
Wildly MooNspotted
Blue Eyes

Great conformation

~w4's eastbound ernest~

ss:  Backyard mini nubian remus blue

sire: backyard mini nubian arnold blue

SD:  eddy place alma ruth blue

ds:  echo hill's hes 'a' gem *B

dam:  echo hill's sg bunny 2*P

DD:  FMCH hidden creek's phoebe's sweetie *P

Dam's Udder

Ernest's dam's udder.jpg
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