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At our farm the first thing that you will probably see is our poultry pasture.  The chickens are let out of their house in the morning and they have free range to peck all over an acre of pasture.  This makes their egg yolks exceptionally orange due to plants and bugs in their diets.  We only feed them organic layer feed from Reedy Fork Farm in Elon, NC.

Organic Free Range eggs available for pickup from the farm
Free range chickens.jpg
Free Range

We love to see our chickens happily pecking all over their pasture.  We have three different breeds, Rocks, Cinnamon Queens, and Ameraucanas.  This means we get quite a variety of colors!  Light brown, dark brown, and blue!  



Broody Chickens

One of the Buff Rocks on our farm decided that she would rather be a mother than lay eggs.  We gave her a space of her own for three weeks and she hatched 9 healthy chicks!


We try to keep things natural here at Oak Spring Meadows and this is a great example of what we love to see.  Good Job Momma!

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