Winter Mint has the perfect mix of essential oils to get you geared up for the cold weather season!


All Organic No Chemicals: Oak Spring Meadow Farm's Raw Goat Milk Bar Soap works to cleanse, moisturize and replenish your skin naturally WITHOUT the use of dyes, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, GMO’s, soy, corn, alcohols, parabens and phthalates.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Great for sensitive skin, dry skin and can even improve signs of eczema or psoriasis. It’s naturally bubbly from coconut and castor oils not the use of sodium lauryl sulfates. It leaves your skin feeling smooth after a shower or bath rather than dry. Combine with our Organic Raw Goat's Milk Lotion for the best results.

HEALTHY & SAFE: Your skin soaks in what you put on it. That’s why it’s important to feed your skin with the vitamins it needs to be healthy! Oak Spring Meadow Farm's raw goat milk Bar Soap contains 6 different skin nourishing oils! This provides Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight the signs of aging. It also protects your skin against UV rays which keeps the skin looking smoother and younger. Castor Oil contains Ricinoleic acid which cleans and penetrates the skin to clean bacteria naturally. This helps with acne and inflammation buts leaves the skin feeling moisturized rather than dried out. Coconut oil fights dry skin and other skin conditions like exzema and psoriasis. Shea butter among other things, can reduce inflammation and is incredibly nourishing and moisturizing. This bar soap is gentle enought to use on the whole family. However, it is not tear free.

EFFECTIVE: This all organic and natural bar soap is a highly effective cleanser and moisturizer – it works from the inside out by deeply nourishing the skin to support optimal skin health. The goat milk, oils, and shea butter blend perfectly to nourish, restore and protect your skin throughout the day without any of the bad stuff.


This includes 4 - 3.5 oz bars of soap



Organic Raw Goat's Milk Bar Soap Winter Mint - 4 Pack

  • Oak Spring Meadows Farm *Goat's Milk, *Saponified Coconut Oil, *Shea Butter, *Olive Oil, *Sweet Almond Oil, *Avocado Oil, *Rice Bran Oil, *Castor Oil, Scented with *Mint and *Lavender Essential oil  *Denotes Organic