We own two family milk cows that provide us with raw pet milk year round.  We only feed them organic hay from Cohen Farm in Pittsboro, NC.  We also feed organic alfalfa from Reedy Fork Farm in Elon, NC.  This provides us with organic grass fed milk. They are also tested positive for A2/A2 protein casein.  Except for the 20 minutes that they come in once a day to be milked these ladies are grazing on fresh grass.  You can see them wading in one of our three ponds or napping in the shade that is abundant in all pastures.  We rotate for optimum grass and parasite control.  In addition to organic raw grassfed milk we sell future family milk cows for other small family farms.  Calves are raised with their mothers and only separated for once a day milking.  This allows all of our cows to have an excellent start to a long healthy life.  No milk replacer just organic fresh milk for our healthy babies

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